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Adaptive Clothing

We don't just make clothing.
We create caring solutions💙

More than clothing - we offer caring, life-enhancing solutions to make dressing easier.


Designed with both carers and users in mind, our custom adaptive wear simplifies the dressing process.

Our garments bring ease, dignity, and a touch of style for those with mobility and health concerns.


Servicing the needs of aged care residents, healthcare professionals and carers around Australia.

Popular Closure Types for Adaptive Clothing


Velcro closures eliminate the struggles of traditional fastenings and can withstand regular usage and multiple wash cycles.


Easy to manipulate, they're perfect for those with limited dexterity or strength. 


Magnetic fastenings provide an ideal solution for those who struggle with small buttons or zippers. Strong yet easily separable, these fastenings offer an easy dressing and undressing experience, requiring only a simple pull or alignment to secure or open. 


Tie adaptations provide a versatile solution, particularly well-suited for dresses and blouses.


Strategically designed to aid carers in the dressing process, rather than focusing on self-dressing by the wearer

✅Press Studs

Press stud closures are a timeless and reliable feature in adaptive clothing, prized for their practicality, durability, and longevity.

They offer a simple yet secure closure method that stays firmly in place even during active movement.

Examples of Our Work

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