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Servicing the needs of OT’s, PT’s, Carers and Aged care facility residents nationally.

In addition to supplying assisted living and fall prevention products, Adaptive Clothing Australia specialise in adapting existing garments or manufacturing new garments to accommodate varying medical and health concerns.


These adaptations can include Catheter access, body bag inner pockets and healthcare access to any points of the body. Adaptive clothing Australia also manufactures clothing to meet the needs of the bigger framed person up to 350 kg including a pannis support. 

Our garments are also designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the carers within the home or facility  who struggle with dressing clients or loved ones with limited physical mobility, unable to weight bear or endure differing forms of mental disability.


Our manufactured adaptive wear is also ideal for the more independent aging individual who suffers with dexterity concerns and other muscle or limb limitations. Those recovering from surgery or an injury can also benefit from our specialised garment adaptions. 

Adaptive Clothing FAQs

For more information regarding appropriate garment adaptions to best suit the dressing needs of a resident or loved one or differing closure styles and location options also styles and fabrics, please contact us on 07 3410 8788 or


Adaptive Clothing Australia also stock a range of Petal Back Clothing styles, sizes and patterns. Petal Back clothing is designed and manufactured to allow healthcare access, promote easy care, comfort, dignity and most of all ease of dressing for both wearer and carer. 

All Petal Back Clothing opens from the back and slides up the arms first and then over the head. Due to its unique design, Petal Back Clothing requires no closure type at all. This reduces the risk of skin tearing or bruising and makes assisted dressing easier.


For any product inquiries, please contact us to discuss the Petal Back Clothing product options and styles we currently have in stock. 

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What our clients say

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" Alison is absolutely the best. I can't say enough how amazing her work is as well as how amazing of a person she is. She made me feel good again after fixing my dress for my son's wedding. The dress did not fit after a previous alteration and I was devastated. Alison did a beautiful job fixing my dress.
She knows what she is doing, very professional , very talented, and on time.  I will definitely come back and she will be the only person I ever go to for any alterations, custom work sewing needs. I recommend her service to anyone. Thank you."
About Our Leather
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