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Our night time suit is designed for comfort when sleeping.  Also known as anti-strip one piece suits, all-in-one suits, dignity suits and Alzheimer jumpsuits.


This adaptive style features a high round neckline that offers comfort and security, elastic waist and stretch fabric for easy wearing and a superior back zip which assists in preventing disrobing that is strong enough to handle every day wear.  They are a one piece suit designed to look like you are wearing a top and pants. 


For maximum comfort we use only soft seams to eliminate scratching or itching on delicate soft skin.  

For extra warmth we suggest wearing our assistive singlet underneath or our short poncho during the day. 


Colours:  We stock a variety of different patterns / colours in the top and all have plain navy pants.  If you have a colour preference please contact us to find out what is available in the size you require 07 3410 8788 or .


Fabric: Polyester jersey knit - Soft, warm and comfortable with a little stretch


Fabric Care: Easy care, no ironing required, washes perfectly time after time in aged care & commercial high temperature laundries. 



  • Maintains dignity by preventing undressing
  • Durable back zip going the full length from neck to bottom
  • Flattering Styling - Elastic waist
  • Stretchy fabric for enhanced comfort
  • Soft seams for sensitive skin
  • Designed for special needs Dementia and Alzheimer patients to make life easier for the patient and carers.


Shop with confidence knowing that Petal Back Adaptive Clothing have been supplying quality adaptive clothing to Australian's since 1994.  Our products have stood the test of time and are loved by carers, nurses, families and residents of aged care / nursing homes for over 20 years!


We are a registered NDIS provider, please contact us for how to purchase our disability clothing on your plan. 




Aged Care Residents, Seniors, Elderly, Infirm, Nursing home high care residents, hospital stays, nurse care, assisted living, carer aided dressing, Seated Dressing, People with physical disabilities, Special Needs care, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Bariatric people.  Also may assist in dressing for those with Alzheimer's Disease, Catheter users, Dementia Patients, Palliative Care, Diabetes, MS Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Shoulder stiffness, Stroke, Polio, Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurone Disease, Oedema and swelling, Incontinence and reduced bladder control, SPI Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, MD Muscular Dystrophy, Contractures etc. 

Petal Back - Mens Nighttime dementia suit

SKU: Code: MSDSN - Swatch: MSN
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