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Swollen Feet Shoes: Tips For Buying Shoes For Very Swollen Feet

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Use our helpful guide to help you purchase the best shoes for swollen feet. Keep reading to understand how to choose a shoe that offers comfort and stability without ever becoming restrictive.

Extra-wide and deep

By selecting a generous deep shoe design swollen feet can fit comfortably pressure-free. An extra-wide toe box means there is plenty of space for swollen toes. Extra-wide shoes offer relief throughout the day and we recommend measuring the width and sizing of your feet when the swelling is at maximum level to help with the purchase process.

Rubber sole

Rubber is a flexible material and ideal if you are struggling with swollen feet. Unlike soles made with hard materials, rubber can bounce back when you take a step. This means less pressure on your feet when you’re walking.

Adjustable straps and touch-fastening

Select a style that has adjustable straps - preferably a shoe that uses touch-fastening.

As swelling increases or decreases throughout the day, the shoe is easy to adjust. If one foot is bandaged or more swollen than the other, adjustable fastening also helps. Adjustable straps mean the shoe can keep doing its job throughout the day as foot size changes.

If feet are significantly bandaged or swollen, we recommend selecting a style that opens right out so you can ease your foot in with maximum comfort.

Elastin for very swollen feet

Elastin is an ideal fabric if your feet tend to swell and change during the day. This flexible material gives lots of freedom of movement while also retaining its shape without becoming saggy or overstretched.

Elastin will gently stretch to fit around swollen feet and bunions without putting pressure on painful problem toes. “Karena” from the Cosyfeet range (pictured below) boasts a deep and roomy toe area with its added elastane stretch.

Quality and durability

To make the best choice of shoes for swollen feet, always opt for a high quality, durable option. Looking after the health of your feet and easing discomfort as much as possible is worth the investment. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a great deal of money to find the right shoe!

The Cosyfeet range offer excellent value for money with their high quality, long-lasting extra-wide shoes and slippers designed for swollen and bandaged feet.

Cosyfeet shoes and slippers for swollen feet

The Cosyfeet range of footwear is specially designed to fit swollen feet. Very wide and very deep in comparison to regular footwear Cosyfeet can also fit bunions, problem toes and bandaging.

Shop the range of Cosyfeet today. If you have any questions at all about fit, style, or material, please reach out to our team on We're here to help!


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