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HipSaver - Hip protection saves lives

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Hip injuries, resulting from falls, are the leading cause of injury death and the main cause of nonfatal injuries that limit independent living among people 65 years and older.

While medications, such as sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs, often increase the risk of falls and fall-related injuries, poor vision, and just difficulty in moving from place to place put the elderly at risk of a fall that may result in a fatal or debilitating hip injury or hip fracture.

Hip fractures are preventable

Seniors often develop a fear of falling, causing them to limit activities and leading to reduced mobility. Scientifically proven to reduce hip fractures and traumatic hip injuries, HipSaver products restore confidence of motion to the elderly, both preserving physical health and increasing senior mobility.

Worldwide, study after study* proves that hip protection is an effective prevention of hip injury due to fall. However, recent studies AirPad™ Technology in HipSaver products, are a superior replacement to hard-shell hip protectors

HipSaver - The right choice for hip protection

HipSaver preserves mobility for all levels of senior activity. Studies show*, that the effectiveness of any hip protector relies on the compliance of the user.

Designed with the user in mind HipSaver products are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, whilst offering the most effective superior protection.

HipSaver is available in a variety of designs to suit all types of wearers needs, ranging from the elderly in nursing home settings to those for seniors who daily participate in exercise programs and even robust activities such as jogging.

Whether you need hip protection for your personal use, or for your loved ones, or you are seeking hip protection for your Group Home, Nursing Home, or other Institution, use this web site to research the facts on hip injuries and prevention, then browse the different HipSaver styles available to find the right HipSaver product for your needs.

Effective hip protection to wear with confidence

Of course, the main benefit of HipSaver garments is that they help prevent hip fractures and hip injuries from falls. HipSaver products allow the elderly and other individuals, who are at high risk of falling, to move confidently and comfortably through their day. HipSaver's effectiveness is proven in tests and clinical trials.

The superior impact absorption qualities of the HipSaver AirPad™ provides up to 20% more force reduction than hard shell protectors. Laundry safe - even at high institutional laundry temperatures. Only HipSaver can be washed and dried at up to 95'C - that means real infection control.

HipSaver products deliver proven quality in hip protection

HipSaver's breakthrough design has been refined and improved in more than 13 years of Research & Development. High quality materials and processes ensure the best hip protector available.

With 13 years on the global market, HipSaver is widely used in over 10,000 institutions worldwide, with real successes experienced in several countries, including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Israel and Germany, helping to prevent hip injury and hip fracture with effective hip protection worldwide.

Hip protector comfort means increased compliance

The lightweight of HipSavers means less pressure for the wearer. At just 70 grams per pad, HipSaver's AirPad is less than half the weight of other soft pads in Australia.

For obvious reasons, comfortable wear is an important factor in any hip protection product.

Yet, but to the nursing professional, the comfortable fit of HipSavers makes them easy to wear - even while sleeping - and that means increased compliance that translates into increased success in falls reduction or risk management program implementation.


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