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Head Protection for Seniors: HeadSaver and Head Buddy Review

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Head injuries can be life-altering, but with the right equipment, you can dramatically reduce the risk. Here we review the Head Buddy Adult Head Protection from Head Bumpa, and the HeadSaver Helmet from HealthSaver


The Far-reaching Impact of Head Injuries

Head injuries are a substantial healthcare concern with broad societal and economic impacts.

These range from superficial cuts to critical conditions like fractures, greatly affecting victims and their caretakers.

For seniors over 65, falls leading to such injuries can often be life-threatening or drastically limit their independence.

Risk factors include certain medications, vision problems, and mobility issues, all of which may increase the likelihood of severe falls and consequent head injuries.

Introducing HeadSaver Soft Head Protector from HealthSaver

HeadSaver combines safety, style, and comfort in its design to encourage user compliance, a key factor in the effectiveness of any head protector.

  • Ensures User Compliance: By blending safety, style, and comfort, HeadSaver effectively promotes user adherence, which is crucial for a head protector's success.

  • Fully Adjustable: HeadSaver comes in two sizes, both of which are fully adjustable via Velcro to fit a majority of individuals comfortably.

  • Reliable During Falls: The design holds the HeadSaver in place, ensuring it remains secure, even during a fall.

  • Extra Secure Fitting: If needed, each HeadSaver provides a detachable Velcro chin strap for additional security.

  • Stylish Cover Options: Choose from three chic cover styles to dress up your HeadSaver - the classic beanie, practical sun hat, or fashionable headscarf.

  • Scientifically Validated: Stand out with HeadSaver, the only soft head protector with proven effectiveness.

Impact Tests Prove a 50%+ Reduction in Force

To evaluate its protective capacity, the HeadSaver helmet underwent rigorous impact testing at Melbourne Testing Services. The helmet was subjected to frontal, lateral, and posterior impacts from varying heights.

The findings were significant - at a drop height of 0.12m, the HeadSaver helmet reduced the peak impact force by 50% in posterior tests, 53% in frontal tests, and 56% in lateral tests.

These results confirm the HeadSaver's effectiveness in reducing the force of impacts, significantly enhancing head protection.

Product Disclaimer: No product can claim to be 100% effective all of the time. HeadSaver is not guaranteed to work in every individual instance. HealthSaver Pty Ltd and HeadSaver make no implied or express guarantee that their products will prevent injury.


Introducing Head Buddy from Head Bumpa

Designed for adults and teenagers, Head Buddy comes with a removable chin strap and engaging accessories to enhance its usability in social settings. Head Buddy acts as a shield during falls, this adult head protection is designed to be lightweight, easy-to-wear, and delivers comfort while in use.

  • Non-toxic, Washable Foam

  • Machine washable 100% Cotton Towelling covering

  • Velcro® fastened for easy adjustment and fitting

  • Secure removable chin strap

Product Disclaimer: This product is not a protective helmet, and does not protect the head from injury. Supervision is required at all times.


Choosing the right head protection

Choosing the right head protective gear for older adults may seem daunting, but it's a task of vital importance. The sheer diversity in styles, shapes, and specifications makes it imperative to conduct detailed research before settling on a choice. Here are some key factors to consider that can assist you in making an informed decision.

1. Size Matters

Perhaps the most fundamental aspect to consider is the size of the headgear. A well-fitting helmet ensures comfort and stays secure, providing reliable protection. Most manufacturers offer a range of sizes, often distinguishing between those for children and adults.

To get the perfect fit, measure your loved one's head circumference. This should be done from the eyebrow level to the back of the head, and from the top of one ear to the top of the other. Using these measurements, consult the manufacturer's size guide to find the right fit. Remember, the best helmet is one that fits snugly, but not too tightly.

2. Comfort and Weight

Older adults may have sensitive skin or dislike the feeling of being weighed down. Therefore, it's essential to find a helmet that is lightweight and comfortable. Features like adjustable straps, breathable materials, and soft padding can enhance the user's comfort.

3. Protection Level

Not all head protective gear offers the same level of protection. Some are designed to absorb high-impact shocks, while others may only be suitable for minor bumps. Assess the specific needs of your loved one, their activity levels, and the risk of falls to select a helmet that provides adequate protection.

Head Protection FAQs

What are the common causes of head injuries?

Head injuries can occur due to various reasons, but some common causes include falls, accidents, sports-related incidents, and physical assaults.

Why is head protection important?

Head protection is crucial because head injuries can have severe consequences, ranging from minor cuts and bruises to life-threatening conditions like fractures or traumatic brain injuries. Using the right head protection gear can significantly reduce the risk of such injuries.

What are the available head protection options for adults?

For adults, there are different head protection options available, such as the Head Buddy Adult Head Protection from Head Bumpa and the HeadSaver Helmet from HealthSaver. These products offer varying features and designs to cater to individual preferences and needs.

How do I choose the right head protection gear?

When choosing head protection gear, consider factors such as size, comfort, and the level of protection offered. Ensure that the gear fits properly, is lightweight, and provides adequate protection for the intended activities.

Are these head protection products effective in preventing injuries?

While head protection products like the Head Buddy and HeadSaver can significantly reduce the risk of head injuries, it's important to note that no product can guarantee 100% protection in every instance. It's always recommended to exercise caution and use these products in conjunction with other safety measures.

Can the HeadSaver and Head Buddy be adjusted for a comfortable fit?

Yes, both the HeadSaver and Head Buddy offer adjustable features. The HeadSaver comes in different sizes and can be adjusted using Velcro straps to ensure a comfortable fit. The Head Buddy also has Velcro fasteners for easy adjustment and fitting.

Are these head protection products suitable for seniors?

Yes, both the HeadSaver and Head Buddy are designed for adults, including seniors. They provide head protection and can be beneficial for seniors who may be at higher risk of falls and head injuries.

How do I measure the right size for head protection gear?

To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of the head from the eyebrow level to the back of the head and from one ear's top to the other. Consult the manufacturer's size guide to find the appropriate size based on these measurements.

Can the head protection gear be washed?

It's advisable to check the product instructions for specific washing guidelines. The Head Buddy is machine washable, with a 100% cotton toweling covering that can be washed for hygiene purposes.

Can these head protection products be used as a substitute for helmets?

No, it's important to note that the Head Buddy and HeadSaver are not designed to be protective helmets. They provide head protection in certain situations but may not offer the same level of protection as dedicated helmets. Always prioritize safety and use appropriate protective gear based on the specific activity or situation.

Please note: The information provided in this FAQ section is for general reference only. It is advisable to consult the product manufacturers or healthcare professionals for specific guidance and recommendations regarding head protection.


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