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Customised and Off-the-Rack Adaptive Clothing in Australia

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

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Life comes with its own set of challenges, and at Adaptive Clothing Australia we believe dressing should not be one of them.

Whether it's for yourself, a loved one in a nursing home, or anyone with special needs, adaptive clothing can make a significant difference.

At Adaptive Clothing Australia we are proud to offer a versatile adaptive clothing range that caters to various needs.

From Petal Back off-the-rack selection to our customised adaptive clothing, you'll find options that greatly benefit the wearer.

Why Choose Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is specifically designed for those with limited mobility, elderly people in aged care facilities, and anyone who experiences difficulty dressing.

It's all about maintaining dignity and style while offering practical solutions.

Our range includes garments with specialised closures, soft fabrics, and designs that assist in easy dressing and undressing.

Who is adaptive clothing designed for?

  • Wheelchair Users: Clothing that provides ease of movement and comfort while seated.

  • Elderly and Seniors: Especially beneficial in nursing homes and aged care settings where assistance in dressing is often needed.

  • People with Disabilities: From lifting arms to fastening buttons, adaptive clothing simplifies the dressing process.

  • Dementia Patients: Designed with simplicity and ease, reducing the difficulty associated with dressing.

Shop Customised and Off-the-Rack Adaptive Clothing Range

4 shirts in petal back easy closure design

Petal Back: The Off-The-Rack Choice

Adaptive Clothing Australia stocks an exclusive range of Petal Back clothing in various styles, sizes, and patterns. Unlike other adaptive clothing options that use closures like Velcro or magnets, Petal Back’s unique design requires no closure type at all.

How does it work? The clothing opens from the back, slides up the arms, and then over the head. This approach not only reduces the risk of skin tearing but also promotes easy care, comfort, dignity, and ease of dressing for both the wearer and their carer.

Why Choose Petal Back Adaptive Clothing?

  • Healthcare Access: Specifically designed to facilitate healthcare interventions.

  • Easy Care and Comfort: Minimises discomfort and is easy to maintain.

  • Dignity and Ease of Dressing: The unique design eliminates the need for complex fastenings, thus simplifying the dressing process for caregivers and wearers alike.


Customised Adaptive Clothing Options

For those looking for a more tailored approach, we offer a customised service that allows you to get clothing made from scratch or modified to suit your specific needs.

Although these custom options are not available for online purchase, our team is on hand to assist you in creating garments that meet your specific requirements.

What Can You Customise?

  • Materials: Choose the type of fabric that suits you best.

  • Colour: Your choice of colours to fit your style.

  • Design: From shirts to bibs, get clothing that suits your specific needs.

🔽 Download our brochure with design examples

Adaptive Clothing Brochure
Download PDF • 4.78MB

Custom Closure Options:

  • Velcro Adaptions: Easy to use, durable, and perfect for those with limited dexterity.

  • Magnet Adaptions: Simplifies the dressing process with strong yet easily separable fastenings.

  • Press Stud Adaptions: Offers an easy close, reliable feature in adaptive clothing.

  • Pyjama Adaptions: Make bedtime routines easier with customised fastening options for both shirts and pants.

  • Tie Adaptions: Provides versatile solutions well-suited for carers in various caregiving scenarios, like nursing homes.

Why Shop With Adaptive Clothing Australia?

We understand not just the mechanics of adaptive clothing but also the human stories and families behind each need. We bring love, care, and years of expertise to serve you better.

  • Versatile options: We offer both off-the-rack and customised solutions.

  • Australian owned: We are a caring, Australian family-run business with decades of hands-on experience in clothing adaptations and the aged care sector.

  • Comfort and dignity: We provide simplified dressing solutions to allow the wearer to maintain their dignity and comfort while making the process easier for carers.

The Benefits of Wearing Adaptive Clothing for Limited Mobility

From easing the daily routine in nursing homes to providing practical solutions for disabled people, adaptive clothing offers numerous benefits:

  1. Easy Dressing and Undressing: Reduces the need for lifting and awkward movement.

  2. Dignity: Maintain your dignity with clothes that are designed for your specific needs.

  3. Comfort: Materials and designs that are soft, flexible, and breathable.

  4. Style: Who says adaptive clothing can't be stylish? With our range, you can look and feel your best.

At Adaptive Clothing Australia we are committed to providing high-quality adaptive clothing options that meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

Whether you're looking for the convenience of our Petal Back range or need customised clothing solutions, we have something to offer that will greatly benefit you or your loved ones. Don’t compromise on style, dignity, or comfort.

💡 How to purchase off-the-rack adaptive clothing

Click here to browse the Petal Back range.

💡 How to purchase customised adaptive clothing

For customised options, please contact our expert and caring team.

We are committed to ensuring that you or your loved ones can experience the comfort, dignity, and style that everyone deserves, regardless of their physical condition.

Our goal is to empower our customers to live a life less restricted by offering practical yet stylish solutions for those with special needs.


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