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Caring for a loved one with Dementia? These articles are a must-read.

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

We've pulled together some of the best articles about dementia covering a range of topics from eating and diet, managing aggression, preventing wandering and other behaviours.

We've also included a resource for carers and loved ones accessing support in Australia.

How to Care for Your Loved One Suffering From Dementia | Homage Australia

This insightful article covers tips around communication, hygiene, and medication.

Read the full article here


Support for Families and Carers | Dementia Australia

The services offered through Dementia Australia to support carers and family members are outlined in this article.

Read the full article here


Prevent Wandering: Tips for Caregivers |

Preventing wandering is a challenge for caregivers but this helpful article includes some good tips for preventing or minimising wandering.

Read the full article here

We also recommend researching options to "wander-proof" the home, such as the Anti-Wandering Single Door Alarm System from Smart Caregiver


Dementia - Eating | Better Health Channel

Access a range of advice on managing meal times and eating including increased and decreased appetite, chewing, cravings, mouth-chewing, and meal time strategies.

Read the full article here


Understanding and Managing Difficult Dementia Behaviours | CRHCF

Find out more about managing behaviour such as anger, sundowning, wandering, and repetitive actions.

Read the full article here


25 Best Activities and Games for Seniors with Dementia | Graying With Grace

This article suggests a range of games that are good for seniors with dementia. Some of the best include board games, card games, puzzles, and even video games.

Read the full article here


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