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Amputee Clothing for Men and Women

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Adaptive Clothing Australia understands the unique clothing needs of amputees. Whether it's an amputation of the arm or leg, or even if a prosthetic is in use, our customised adaptive clothing service allows garments to fit seamlessly and comfortably.


Adaptive Amputee Clothing: Customisation and Comfort

Our bespoke tailoring ensures that clothes are comfortable and flattering.

Our team can modify existing designs and we offer obligation-free consultations so you can let us know exactly what you would like the alteration to look like. Contact our team today.

  • Seams Matter: For sensitive skin or residual limb irritation, the type and placement of seams can make a significant difference. Our adaptive clothing offers flat seams, reducing potential friction points.

  • Easy Access: For those using prosthetics, having clothing with easy access points can be beneficial. Features like zippers and snaps help in comfortably securing prosthetics.


Amputee Clothing for Women

For Independent Dressing

  • Modified Dresses: Need a particular sleeve length on a dress? We offer customisation, from hemming a sleeve to adding a box pleat. This service is available for both our dress and blouse range.

  • Adaptable Slacks: For those with a leg amputation, we introduce zippers or break-away snaps from the ankle upwards, facilitating easy limb access.

For Assisted Dressing

  • Rear Closure Dresses: These designs cater to those who require assistance, ensuring dressing remains dignified and hassle-free.

  • Side-Zip Trousers: Especially crafted for ladies with a lower limb amputation, these trousers, available in various fabrics, make dressing and personal care simpler.

Women's Tailored Choices

For dresses and blouses, having adjustable fastenings can be a game-changer, allowing for easy wear and removal, without compromising on style.

The challenge is not just in length adjustments but also in accommodating the shape and size of the residual limb or prosthetic. With options like expandable waistbands and side zippers, comfort takes center stage.


Amputee Clothing for Men

For Independent Dressing

  • Tailored Sleeve Lengths: Got a favourite shirt but need the sleeve adjusted? We'll modify it for you. This service extends to sweatshirts and nightwear too.

  • Customised Trousers: Just like our women's range, we offer trousers with zippers or snaps for easy limb access.

For Assisted Dressing

  • Open Back Clothing: Our adaptive sweats and shirts are a boon for those who need dressing assistance, making the process smooth and efficient.

  • Snap-Back Sweaters: Why should sweaters be left out? If you require, we'll modify them to a snap-back style for added convenience.

Men's Customised Range

It might seem trivial, but pockets, especially in men’s clothing, can be a valuable addition. For someone using crutches or a wheelchair, having easily accessible pockets can make daily tasks smoother.

Elastic waistbands provide both comfort and adaptability for amputees. They make dressing more straightforward by eliminating the need for complex fastenings, and they comfortably adjust to the body's contours and movements.

For those with limited mobility or dexterity challenges post-amputation, such waistbands can be especially beneficial.

How can we help? Contact our caring and expert team today to have a chat about your adaptive clothing needs. You can email us at or call on 0447 733 321 or 07 3410 8788.


Disclaimer: The content provided in this blog is for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only. We are not medical professionals and the information should not be considered as professional medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider for medical advice and treatment.


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