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Hip Protector SlimFit High Compliance HipSaver


Designed to easily accomodate incontinence aids


Open crotch hip protector designed to wear over incontinence products. The new HipSaver Open Bottom 3- Snap is the perfect solution to make it easy to change incontinence products while reducing soiling of the HipSaver.


While the original HipSaver Open-Bottom works great for residents who are self-toileting, the new HipSaver Open Bottom 3-Snap is worn OVER incontinence products.


With just 3 snaps, incontinence products can be changed quickly. And because the crotch area is totally open, there is less chance of soiling the HipSaver. With less soiling you won't have to change the HipSaver as often.


  • The perfect incontinence-compatible hip protector
  • Easy to put on & take offOnly three snaps, no abrasive Velcro® to get tangled in the laundry
  • Strong holding snaps have reinforced anchor backing
  • Fits over incontinence pants and helps hold them up
  • Open crotch area to reducing soiling
  • Long-lasting polyester with Hydrowick for fast moisture removal
  • All soft, PROVEN HipSaver protection
  • Machine wash & dry up to 95°C


NOTE: Incontinence Product Not Supplied with HipSaver

HipSaver Incontinence Management Hip Protector

  • 14 days money back from date of invoice. Goods must be in a new and unused condition due to health regulations. Returns may incur a 20% restocking fee. Manufacturing anomalies excepted. Refunds will not be paid on goods that have been opened, damaged or soiled.

  • Postage is to be added to price of the goods. Shipping costs for small items per order within Australia is AU$15.95 and carton orders shipping costs will be calculated at the time of ordering.

    Please allow up to 10 days delivery time within Australia.

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