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DermaSaver for Fragile Skin

The innovative range of DermaSavers products protect fragile skin from sustaining damage caused by friction, rubbing, abrasion and and pressure that could lead to skin breakdowns, tears and splits.


DermaSavers can also help to heal existing skin tears, splits and lacerations without the restriction of bandages and dressings.

Why choose DermaSaver?

 DermaSaver products are made from innovative breathable MicroSpring textile which is a very special fabric.


✅Soft and springy with thousands of microfilaments per square inch.


✅ Breathable with ample ventilation reaching the skin due to free air flow within the microfilaments.


✅Superior moisture wicking properties that enable speedy transfer of moisture away from the skin.


✅Soft and stretchy and will not flatten or crumble. It is washable at 95°C (boiling wash) and can be tumble dried at high temperature.

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